MS Power GmbH, headquartered in Eschborn, Germany, is a leading company in power semiconductor components and systems. Recognized for manufacturing high quality products, MS Power is committed to providing the highest reliability in
various applications such as Motor Drives, Power Suppliers, Solar and Wind Energy systems, Smart Grid etc.The company’s current portfolio of products includes bi-polar semiconductor chips,
stud screw fit diodes/ thyristors, capsule devices and modules. In addition, MS Power is capable of providing power stacks and systems as a solution provider. Owing to an increasing demand for green energy and high-power efficiency - in conjunction with application partners - the company is capable of offering complete innovative solutions for energy conversion technology.
MS Power continuously carries out new research for technical solutions adapted for the customized requirements from our clients. The company maintains labs in Italyfor IGBT converters and in China for third-generation wide band-gap semiconductor materials such as SiC (Silicon Carbide) and GaN (Gallium Nitride).Flexibility and localization are the two principal pillars to MS Power’s company policy
in order to guarantee efficient communication with our clients all around the world.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ensures MS Power’s commitment to the  communities where we operate. We strive to protect the environment and safety of our fellow human beings. Combining the pursuit of economic growth withconsideration for social and environmental factors is a priority for MS Power.

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