An induction furnace is an electrical furnace in which the heat is applied by induction heating of metal. Induction furnace capacities range from less than one kilogram to one hundred tons, and are used to melt iron and steel, copper, aluminum, and precious metals.

An advantage of induction heating is that the heat is generated within the furnace’s charge itself rather than applied by a burning fuel or other external heat source, which can be important in applications where contamination is an issue.

Operating frequencies range from utility frequency (50 or 60 Hz) to 400 kHz or higher, usually depending on the material being melted, the capacity (volume) of the furnace and the melting speed required.

Power semiconductors have various designs. MS Power makes semiconductor devices for induction furnaces in stud and disc housings.

MS Power offers a wide range of customization options based on individual customer requirements to technical parameters, connections and appearance of devices. Please contact the sales department for more info.

Type VDRM, VRRM [V] VDSM=VDRM VRSM=VRRM+100V ITAVM [A] @ Tc=70°C 180° Sine ITSM [kA] @ 10ms Tjmax ʃ i²t [A²S×10³] @ 10ms Tjmax VT / IT [V / A] Tjmax VT(TO) [V] @ Tjmax r T [mΩ] @ Tjmax Tq [μsec] @ Tjmax (di/dt) crit [A / μs] @ Tjmax RthJC [°C / W] @ 180° Sine Tjmax [°C] Outline Drg. Download PDF
MS TF700C2000-2200700105002.30 / 19781.2000.6503010000.034125CT04
MS TF810C800-12008109.354372.40 / 14001.9000.3571510000.026125CT04
MS TF1110C1400-2000111018.517111.90 / 20001.2070.34250-1002500.023125CT06
MS TF1018C1200-200010181511252.15 / 20001.3800.3855010000.020125CT06
MS TF1305C800-1200130520.020002.26 / 30001.5400.24020-5012000.018125CT06
MS TF1275C1200-2100127517.515312.00 / 20001.2020.34050-602500.019125CT06
MS TF1290C800-1200129020.020002.02 / 20001.4500.2851510000.018125CT06
MS TF1448C1800-2000144817.014451.80 / 20001.3000.25040-7010000.017125CT06

MS TF2100C1400-2000210033.054452.04 / 20001.2710.25560-1003000.010125CT11
MS TF2600C2000-2800260034.158142.55 / 57001.5040.17480-10010000.008125CT11
MS TF2750C2000-2500275037.269192.00 / 40001.3080.17050-7010000.008125CT11
MSTF2825C2000-2500282555.0151252.45 / 50001.5810.17140-1005000.007125CT13
TypeVRRM [V] VRSM=VRRM+100VIFAVM [A] @ TC=70°C 180° SineIFSM [kA] @ 10ms Tjmaxʃ i² t [A²S×10³] @ 10ms TjmaxVF / IF [V / A] TjmaxVF(TO) [V] @ Tjmaxr F [mΩ] @ TjmaxTrr [μs] @ TjmaxRthJC [°C / W] @ 180° SineTjmax [°C]Outline Drg.Download PDF
MS DF385C3000-45003855.51513.20 / 10001.711.534.500.045125CD04
MS DF914C2200-26009149.44423.0 / 18001.7680.6533.20.027150CD04
MS DS965C1200-200096515.411861.85 / 20501.240.333.000.028125CD04
MS DF1215C4000-4500121519.018052.85 / 20001.730.516.500.020150CD05
MS DF1495C2200-2500149521.523111.95 / 30001.150.2663.900.017125CD05


Traction substations are used to convert alternating current into direct current used in electric vehicles. DC traction motors are the most common drives used in electric trains.

Avalanche-type diodes are used in railway transport since they are the most stable and reliable in overload state. Such diodes are able to withstand in avalanche breakdown condition. These diodes can carry high loads due to their ability to dissipate a power pulse for a much longer period of time.

MS Power makes power semiconductor devices for electric trains in stud and disc and housings. Also manufacture isolated base power modules.

MS Power offers a wide range of customization options based on individual customer requirements to technical parameters, connections and appearance of devices. Please contact the sales department for more info.

IFAVM [A] @ Tc=100°C 180° SineITSM [A] @ 10ms Tjmaxʃ i²t [A²S] @ 10ms TjmaxVF / IF [V / A] @ 25°CVF(TO) [V] @ Tjmaxr T [mΩ] @ TjmaxRthJC [°C / W] @ 180° Sine per chipRthJC [°C / W] per chip
Tjmax [°C]Outline Drg.Download PDF
20mm Solder Contact Base Plate
MS DD25200-18002550012501.40 / 800.856.001.60.2150M01
MS DD55200-180055115066121.60 / 1750.854.000.650.2150M01
MS DD70200-180070119070801.48 / 2000.803.00.510.2150M01
MS DD95200-1800951700144501.45 / 3000.851.900.40.2150M01
MS DD104200-18001042000200001.40 / 3000.851.500.390.2150M01
MS DD120200-18001202050210001.44 / 3500.851.400.330.2150M01
34mm Solder Contact Base Plate
MS DD140200-18001403200512001.45 / 3000.901.500.250.1150M02
MS DD170200-180017052001352001.44 / 4000.851.300.210.1150M02
MS DD190200-180019056001568001.32 / 5000.850.800.210.1150M02
MS DD280200-18002202500312501.60 / 8800.800.980.170.1150M02
50mm Pressure Contact Base Plate
MS DD2503000-360024550001250002.0 / 7850.901.570.110.04150M03
MS DD260200-1800260100005000001.40 / 8000.700.680.170.04150M03
MS DD285400-80028583006050001.15 / 8000.750.400.170.04150M03
MS DD261600-2400318800003200001.35 / 15000.710.420.140.06150M03
MS DD320600-200032080003200001.35 / 15000.710.420.140.06150M03
MS DD3212000-280035885003610001.40 / 7850.850.450.110.04150M03
MS DD350200-1800350110006050001.35 / 10000.750.400.130.04150M03
MS DD3602000-22003601100006050001.40 / 15000.750.400.1250.04150M03
MS DD380200-1800380115006610001.40 / 15000.750.320.1250.04150M03
MS DD3812000-2200381115006610001.40 / 15000.750.320.1250.04150M03
60mm Pressure Contact Base Plate
MS DD4804000-450041090004050002.19 / 16000.890.8150.070.02150M04
MS DD4503200-40004981505011320001.90 / 18000.850.550.0650.02150M04
MS DD500200-1800500140009800001.35 / 15000.840.240.0880.03150M04
MS DD5152800-3600515130008450001.60 / 12560.800.500.0680.02150M04
MS DD600200-18006001900018050001.35 / 18800.750.2150.0780.02150M04
MS DD601800-26006602900042050001.18 / 15000.9140.1450.0650.02150M04
MS DD810200-18006801900018050001.24 / 20000.780.230.0620.02150M04
MS DD7002000-22007001900018050001.36 / 22000.780.1850.0650.02150M04
MS DD710200-20007102200024200001.30 / 22000.750.1450.0690.02150M04
70mm Pressure Contact Base Plate
MS DZ1100600-180011003500061250001.11 / 30000.750.0730.0480.015150M11

TypeVDSM, VDRM [V] VDSM=VDRM VRSM=VRRM+100VITAVM [A] @ Tc=85°C 180° SineITSM [A] @ 10ms Tjmaxʃ i²t [A²S] @ 10ms TjmaxVT / IT [V / A] @ 25°CVT(TO) [V] @ Tjmaxr T [mΩ] @ TjmaxRthJC [°C / W] @ 180° Sine per chipRthJC [°C / W] per chipTjmax [°C]Outline Drg.Download PDF
20mm Solder Version Base Plate
MS TT25800-18002548011521.80 / 750.9012.000.950.2125M05
MS TT40800-18004085036121.95 / 2001.004.500.690.2125M05
MS TT50800-180050125078121.65 / 2000.903.500.600.2125M05
MS TT70800-1800701450105121.85 / 2500.903.500.380.2125M05
MS TT712000-2200701450105121.90 / 3000.903.500.370.2125M05
MSTT95800-1800951750153121.65 / 3000.902.000.300.2125M05
MSTT106800-18001061900180501.65 / 3000.902.000.300.2130M05
MS TT119200-16001201900180501.75 / 3000.903.350.200.22130M05
34mm Solder Contact Base Plate
MSTT140800-18001404000800001.47 / 4500.901.150.220.06125M06
MSTT164800-18001644400968001.53 / 5000.850.950.200.06125M06
50mm Pressure Contact Base Plate
MS TT1393000-36001393200512002.54 / 4001.502.600.120.04125M07
MS TT1693000-36001694000800002.60 / 6001.202.300.110.04125M07
MS TT170800-180017050001250001.65 / 6000.951.000.170.04125M07
MS TT210800-180021058001680001.65 / 7001.000.850.130.04125M07
MS TT2152000-220021563001980001.75 / 8000.950.920.130.04125M07
MS TT2002000-280023755001512502.00 / 7850.901.100.110.04125M07
MS TT250800-180025080003200001.53 / 6000.851.000.110.04125M07
MS TT2522000-240028376002888001.50 / 7850.800.700.110.04125M07
MS TT2602000-220026080003200001.45 / 8000.850.640.120.04125M07
MS TT2612000-240026180003200001.45 / 8000.850.640.120.04125M07
MS TT330800-180030580003200001.40 / 7500.840.580.1050.04125M07
MS TT320200-180032080003200001.32 / 6000.840.450.120.04135M07
MS TZ4301800-2400430120007200001.78 / 15000.950.450.0650.02125M12
MS TZ560200-18005601450010510001.27 / 10000.800.380.0720.024140M12
60mm Pressure Contact Base Plate
MS TT2402000-400020060001800003.50 / 10001.5632.1410.0650.02125M08
MS TT2623000-440026250001250002.30 / 6281.401.300.0680.02125M08
MS TT3102000-260031090004050002.22 / 13001.00.860.0780.02125M08
MS TT3213000-360032155001510002.20 / 7851.150.800.0680.02125M08
MS TT4302000-24004301500011250001.78 / 15000.950.450.0650.02125M08
MS TT5101800-22004321500011250001.47 / 15000.950.450.0650.02125M08
MS TT460800-18004421550012010001.60 / 14000.880.450.0660.02130M08
MS TT4612000-2800460120007200002.0 / 16001.10.5520.050.02125M08
MS TT500200-18005001700014450001.45 / 15001.010.250.0610.02125M08
MS TT501200-16005081750015310001.30 / 15000.900.260.0640.02125M08
MS TT5202000-22005201540011860001.50 / 15000.850.350.0580.02125M08
MS TT540200-18005401500011250001.40 / 15000.920.240.0600.02125M08
MSTT600800-1800600140009800001.27 / 15000.800.230.0580.02125M08
70mm Pressure Contact Base Plate
MS TZ7402000-22008192650035110001.51 / 30000.820.170.0420.015125M09
MS TZ800400-18008003200051200001.55 / 30000.830.250.0420.01130M09
77mm Pressure Contact Base Plate
MS TT7402000-2400740 / 772450030010001.55 / 31400.910.210.0500.016125M10

VDSM, VDRM [V] VDSM=VDRM VRSM=VRRM+100VITAVM [A] @ Tc=85°C 180° SineITSM [A] @ 10ms Tjmaxʃ i²t [A²S] @ 10ms TjmaxVT / IT [V / A] @ 25°CVT(TO) [V] @ Tjmaxr T [mΩ] @ TjmaxRthJC [°C / W] @ 180° Sine per chipRthJC [°C / W] per chip Tjmax [°C]Outline Drg.Download PDF
MS TD25800-18002548011521.80 / 750.9012.000.950.2125M05
MS TD40800-18004085036121.95 / 2001.004.500.690.2125M05
MS TD50800-180050125078121.65 / 2000.903.500.600.2125M05
MS TD70800-1800701450105121.85 / 2500.903.500.380.2125M05
MS TD712000-2200701450105121.90 / 3000.903.500.370.2125M05
MS TD95800-1800951750153121.65 / 3000.902.000.300.2125M05
MS TD106800-18001061900180501.65 / 3000.902.000.300.2130M05
MS TD119200-16001201900180501.75 / 3000.903.350.200.22130M05
34mm Solder Contact Base Plate
MS TD140800-18001404000800001.47 / 4500.901.150.220.06125M06
MS TD164800-18001644400968001.53 / 5000.850.950.200.06125M06
50mm Pressure Contact Base Plate
MS TD1393000-36001393200512002.54 / 4001.502.600.120.04125M07
MS TD1693000-36001694000800002.60 / 6001.202.300.110.04125M07
MS TD170800-180017050001250001.65 / 6000.951.000.170.04125M07
MS TD210800-180021058001680001.65 / 7001.000.850.130.04125M07
MS TD2152000-220021563001980001.75 / 8000.950.920.130.04125M07
MS TD2002000-280023755001512502.00 / 7850.901.100.110.04125M07
MS TD250800-180025080003200001.53 / 6000.851.000.110.04125M07
MS TD2522000-240028376002888001.50 / 7850.800.700.110.04125M07
MS TD2602000-220026080003200001.45 / 8000.850.640.120.04125M07
MS TD2612000-240026180003200001.45 / 8000.850.640.120.04125M07
MS TD330800-180030580003200001.40 / 7500.840.580.1050.04125M07
MS TD320200-180032080003200001.32 / 6000.840.450.120.04135M07
60mm Pressure Contact Base Plate
MS TD2402000-400020060001800003.50 / 10001.5632.1410.0650.02125M08
MS TD2623000-440026250001250002.30 / 6281.401.300.0680.02125M08
MS TD3102000-260031090004050002.22 / 13001.00.860.0780.02125M08
MS TD3213000-360032155001510002.20 / 7851.150.800.0680.02125M08
MS TD4302000-24004301500011250001.78 / 15000.950.450.0650.02125M08
MS TD5101800-22004321500011250001.47 / 15000.950.450.0650.02125M08
MSTD460800-18004421550012010001.60 / 14000.880.450.0660.02130M08
MS TD4612000-2800460120007200002.0 / 16001.10.5520.050.02125M08
MS TD500200-18005001700014450001.45 / 15001.010.250.0610.02125M08
MS TD501200-16005081750015310001.30 / 15000.900.260.0640.02125M08
MS TD5202000-22005201540011860001.50 / 15000.850.350.0580.02125M08
MS TD540200-18005401500011250001.40 / 15000.920.240.0600.02125M08
MS TD600800-1800600140009800001.27 / 15000.800.230.0580.02125M08
77mm Pressure Contact Base Plate
MS TD7402000-2400740 / 772450030010001.55 / 31400.910.210.0500.016125M10


Welding is a fabrication process whereby two or more parts are fused together by means of heat, pressure or both forming a join as the parts cool. Welding equipment provides fast and reliable fusion of various metal parts and it is an integral part of almost all industries of manufacturing, construction, metallurgy, making metal structures, automotive, etc.

Power semiconductor devices are an integral part of all welding machines. The MS Power company produces power semiconductors for welding machines and robots.

Welding diodes produced by MS Power are used in resistance welding machines. Operation of diodes in welding machines is characterized by short-term cycles of current pulses leading to the heating of the semiconductor structure followed by its cooling. As a result, the devices are subjected to repeating cyclic thermomechanical stress. This dictates stringent requirements to the static and dynamic properties of devices.

IGBT modules manufactured by MS Power are widely used in welding inverters. This type of welding implies high frequencies. The required welding current is achieved by converting high-frequency currents.

It is also worth to mention the continuous development in sector of welding robots. These solutions, as a rule, are commonly used in heavy industry. The welded products are moved on a conveyor in front of the manipulator during the manufacturing process, and a precisely configured robot performs the welding with a high degree of accuracy. The speed and continuity of work allow to perform a large number of operations per minute, while the interface allows the operator to calibrate welds, control the movement of the axes and the torch according to a given virtual model.

Robots are used for welding small, compact parts and large massive workpieces of any shape made of metal, alloys, plastic and other materials.

Power semiconductors manufactured by MS Power meet the highest requirements for durability, quality and precision. This is especially important in the operating environment of welding equipment.

All manufacturing processes at MS Power are organized in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality management (ISO 9001).

Part NumberVRRM [V] VRSM=VRRM+50VIFAVM [A] @ TC=85°C 180° SineIFSM [kA] @ 10ms Tjmaxʃ i²t [A²S×10³] @ 10ms TjmaxVF / IF [V / A] TjmaxVF(TO) [V] @ Tjmaxr FT [mΩ] @ TjmaxRthJC [°C / W] @ 180° SineTjmax [°C]Fig.No.Download PDF
MS DW5100C200-400510052135201.08 / 40000.760.0700.0100170CD07
MS DW7110C200-400711055151251.05 / 50000.740.0260.0100170CD07
MS DW10500C200-4001050070245001.01 / 80000.810.0260.0058175CD08
MS DW13501C200-4001350085361250.94 / 60000.760.0210.0046175CD08


The industrial shift towards rotating power electronics (RPE) promotes brushless flexible rotor excitation, as well as battery-less rotor instrumentation and measurement devices for electrical machines. Recently, the high-power Diode converter has been proven to be excellent for rotating applications.

Large AC generators often have a small exciter-stator, in addition to the main stator. DC is applied to the exciter stator, to varying degree, thus producing variable AC output from the main stator. The rotor has two sections. The section inside the exciter-stator is an AC generator. This AC output will be rectified, thus providing current to a field winding, rotating within the main stator. Diodes are mounted to the rotor, to provide needed rectification.

Power semiconductors have various designs. MS Power makes semiconductor devices for rotating application in stud and disc housings.

MS Power offers a wide range of customization options based on individual customer requirements to technical parameters, connections and appearance of devices. Please contact the sales department for more info

TypeVRRM [V] VRSM=VRRM+100VIFAVM [A] @Tc = 125°C 180° SineIFSM [A] @ 10ms Tjmaxʃ i²t [A²S] @ 10ms TjmaxVF / IF [ V / A ] TjmaxVF(TO) [V] @TjmaxrFT [mΩ] @TjmaxRthJC [°C/W] @180°SineTjmax [ °C]Download PDF
MS D26N/R1800253205121.63/780.8510.001.50180
MS D72N/R160070110060501.32/2200.772.000.40180
MS D81N/R1600801500112501.40/2200.802.700.42180
MS D136N/R18001302000200001.53/5200.851.300.35180
MS D154N/R16001623600648001.25/4700.820.900.28180
MS D607N/R2700180105005510001.44/15000.880.400.1150
MS D301N/R240027860501830001.45/9420.900.590.14180
MS D330N/R160033082503400001.22/9420.770.490.14180
MS D606N/R1600430130008450001.44/18000.820.300.093180
MS D844N/R27006302000020000001.45/25000.780.250.068175

Static Var Compensator (SVC)

The purpose of the Static Var Compensator (SVC) is to regulate and support the AC voltage and to minimize the over- and undervoltage that may occur during various faults and events in the network. Some examples demonstrate the ability to improve the power quality, e.g., due to disturbing loads such as arc furnaces, wind farms, traction loads, etc. Some SVC applications demonstrate the capability of the SVC to damp power system oscillations and to increase the power transmission capabilities of the AC system.

In fact, SVC should be the natural choice where the following qualities are required or desirable:

  • Rapid dynamic response
  • Ability for frequent variations in output
  • Output smoothly adjustable

Each in its own particular way, SVC offer benefits such as:

  • Grid voltage control under normal and contingency conditions
  • Fast response reactive power following contingencies
  • Preventing/reducing risk for voltage collapses in the grid
  • Preventing over-voltages at loss of load
  • Boosting voltage during under-voltage disturbances and faults
  • Damping active power oscillations

SVC can be built using a variety of designs. However, the controllable elements used in most systems are similar. The commonly used controllable elements are:

  • Thyristor-controlled reactor (TCR)
  • Thyristor-switched capacitors (TSC)
  • Thyristor-switched reactor (TSR)

SVC configuration : TCR/TCS/Harmonic filters

As TCR produces harmonics during operation, filters are required as parts of SVC design. When the SVC is required to safeguard power quality at the point of common connection in grids feeding heavy installations such as railways, steel plants and mining complexes, additional harmonic filters usually need to be included in the SVC scheme.

Power semiconductors have various designs. MS Power makes power semiconductor devices for SVC in disc housings.

MS Power offers a wide range of customization options based on individual customer requirements to technical parameters, connections and appearance of devices. Please contact the sales department for more info.


TypeVDRM / VRRM (V)ITAV (A)Tc (°C)VTM / ITM (V / A)ITSM (A)I²t (kA²s)Tjm(°C)Rth(j-c)(K/kW)F(KN)m(Kg)OutlineDownload PDF
MS PERI T400CZ656500400703.50 / 1000470011012536.08 -- 120.260D
MS PERI T350CZ656500350703.50 / 1000470011012545.08 -- 120.350X
MS PERI T790CZ181800790701.29 / 10001100060512536.08 -- 120.260D
MS PERI T860CZ656500860702.25 / 100015100114012517.018 -- 260.500F
MS PERI T730CZ656500730702.25 / 100015100114012522.018 -- 260.650G
MS PERI T1450CZ6565001450702.00 / 150031500496112511.045 -- 601.400K
MS PERI T1540CZ6565001540702.00 / 150031500496112510.045 -- 601.000H
MS PERI T1550CZ3030001550701.38 / 150023000264512517.018 -- 260.500F
MS PERI T1691CZ1818001691701.25 / 200022000242012517.018 -- 260.500F
MS PERI T1762CZ1818001762701.20 / 200026430349312517.018 -- 260.500F
MS PERI T1800CZ6565001800701.88 / 160047500112811259.063 -- 842.000M
MS PERI T2100CZ6565002100701.88 / 160047500112811257.063 -- 841.500L
MS PERI T2237CZ4242002237701.48 / 200033500561112510.045 -- 601.000H
MS PERI T2401CZ2828002400701.56 / 300036000684012510.045 -- 601.000H
MS PERI T2830CZ6565002830701.97 / 300065000211251255.781 -- 1082.800N
MS PERI T3070CZ6565003070701.97 / 300065000211251255.081 -- 1082.100Q
MS PERI T6100CZ1200-18006100701.19 / 600094000441801255.0902.10Q
MS PERI T5580CZ2200-28005580701.29 / 600075000281251255.0902.10Q
MS PERI T5050CZ3000-33005050701.43 /600063000198451255.0902.10Q
MS PERI T4310CZ3600-42004310701.35 / 300060000180001255.0902.10Q
MS PERI T3910CZ4800-52003910701.52 / 300055000151251255.0902.10Q
MS PERI T3630CZ5200-56003630701.62 / 300051.0130051255.0902.10Q
MS PERI T2811CZ5800-65002810702.00 / 300045000101251255.7902.90N
MS PERI T2640CZ6600-72002640701.55 / 15004000080001155.7902.90N
MS PERI T2010CZ7800-85002010701.95 / 150035.061251155.7902.90N
MS PERI T6750CZ3000-33006750701.20 / 5000105000551251254.01353.60U
MS PERI T5580CZ3800-46005580701.40 / 500090000405001254.01353.60U
MS PERI T4750CZ4800-52004750701.47 / 500087000378451104.01353.60U
MS PERI T4140CZ5200-56004140701.38 / 300085200362951104.01353.60U
MS PERI T4250CZ5800-65004250701.71 / 300071400254901254.01353.60U
MS PERI T3001CZ6600-72003000531.85 / 30005500015125904.01353.60U
MS PERI T2680CZ7800-85002680532.13 / 300035.06125904.01353.60U

Power Supplies

The efficient use of the planet’s energy resources depends not only on the methods of exploiting them, but also on the ways of storing the generated energy. Renewable energy technology continues to advance and grow in popularity. Also, the volume of the energy storage market is growing very fast. Electricity from renewable sources is generated in an uneven manner. For example, solar energy is mostly generated during the daytime, so it must be stored for later use.

Energy storage systems help to smooth out the difference between the peaks of power generation and periods of high grid load. Power storage systems can provide a strong boost to the efficiency of energy sources and optimize related costs. If necessary, they can even ensure complete autonomy.

Power semiconductors have been successfully used in a wide variety of solutions in this field Power supply and energy storage.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) make a significant share of the energy storage industry. Such devices provide continuous power to connected equipment when the main power source becomes unavailable. The UPS also protects equipment from power surges, which is important for regions with unstable power supplies.

The industrial sector directly depends on the availability of uninterruptible power supplies. The constant power supply is must for Complex technological equipment of modern production. For many industrial enterprises, a power interruption for tenths of a second causes a disruption in the continuous technological process and a production shutdown.

Power semiconductor devices manufactured by MS Power are successfully used as components of uninterruptible power supplies, energy storage systems, voltage stabilizers, rectifiers for electroplating and electrolysis, etc.

Power semiconductor devices manufactured by MS Power meet all the requirements to durability, quality and precision. This is especially important for operation of power supply and energy storage systems.

MS Power has created a specialized laboratory of operational reliability that is mainly used to conduct classification and periodic tests, tests for reliability and to determine the ultimate useful life of the devices, allowing the company to produce high quality power semiconductor devices.

All manufacturing processes at MS Power are organized in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality management (ISO 9001).

Power semiconductors come in a variety of designs. MS Power produces multiple types of semiconductors for power supplies with electric drives in stud, disc and module designs.

Besides, MS Power offers wide customization opportunities, taking into account individual customer requirements for technical parameters, connections and appearance of devices. Please contact the sales department for advice.

TypeVRRM [V] VRSM=VRRM+100VIFAVM [A] @ TC=125°C 180° SineIFSM [A] @ 10ms Tjmaxʃ i²t[A²S] @ 10ms TjmaxVF / IF [V / A] TjmaxVF(TO) [V] @ TjmaxrFT [mΩ] @ TjmaxRthJC [°C / W] @ 180° SineTjmax [°C]
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MS D25N/R200-1600253205121.63 / 780.8510.001.5180SD01
MS D26N/R200-1600253205121.63 / 780.8510.001.5180SD02
MS D45N/R200-16004560018001.60 / 1500.855.000.85180SD03
MS D46N/R200-16004560018001.60 / 1500.855.000.85180SD04
MS D70N/R200-160070100050001.50 / 2100.853.000.55180SD03
MS D71N/R200-160070100050001.50 / 2100.853.000.55180SD04
MS D100N/R200-16001001500112501.57 / 4000.851.800.42180SD05
MS D130N/R200-16001302000200001.53 / 5200.851.300.35180SD05
MS D162N/R200-16001623600648001.25 / 4700.820.900.28180SD06
MS D214N/R200-16002144000800001.25 / 6300.850.600.22180SD06
MS D240N/R200-160024050001250001.30 / 7500.850.600.19180SD07
MS D270N/R200-160027045001010001.28 / 7850.760.560.18180SD06
MS D318N/R200-160031852001350001.20 / 10000.750.400.16180SD06
MS D320N/R200-160032065002110001.35 / 10000.770.570.14180SD08
MS D321N/R200-160032080003200001.25 / 10000.800.450.15180SD09
MS D350N/R200-160035060001800001.15 / 10500.770.360.145180SD10
MS D400N/R200-160040070002450001.12 / 10500.750.350.125180SD11
MS D401N/R200-160040070002450001.12 / 10500.750.350.125180SD12



IFAVM [A] @ TC=120°C 180° Sine

IFSM [A] @ 10ms Tjmax

ʃ i²t [A²S]@ 10ms Tjmax

VF / IF [V / A] Tjmax

VF(TO) [V] @ Tjmax

r FT [mΩ] @ Tjmax

RthJC [°C / W] @ 180° Sine

Tjmax [°C]

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MS D318N/R200-280031875002810001.75/12600.800.670.094160SD14
MS D404N/R200-180040075002810001.68 / 12600.800.680.086170SD13
MS D422N/R3600422120007200001.62 / 18000.900.390.072160SD15
MS D450N/R200-1800450105005510001.45 / 13500.750.460.088170SD13
MS D451N/R200-1800450105005510001.45 / 13500.750.460.088170SD14
MS D695N/R200-18006951600012800001.48 / 25000.740.210.078180SD15



IFAVM [A] @TC=85°C 180° Sine

IFSM [A] @ 10ms Tjmax

ʃ i²t [A²S] @ 10ms Tjmax

VF / IF [V / A] Tjmax

VF(TO) [V] @ Tjmax

r F [mΩ] @ Tjmax

RthJC [°C / W] @ 180° Sine

Tjmax [°C]

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up to 1800V
MS D501C200-180050150001250001.69 / 15000.70.660.112170CD01
MS D550C200-180055060001800001.85 / 16000.750.640.09170CD01
MS D1108C200-18001108110006050001.83 / 30000.780.350.045160CD02
MS D1540C200 - 80015401600012800001.55 / 30000.750.250.04190CD02
MS D3425C200 - 160034252750037810000.97 / 20000.790.0877.020190CD05
MS D3830C200 - 120038304460099460000.95 / 30000.650.0680.013150CD11
MS D6720C200-600672055000151250000.85 / 30000.6450.0440.0095175CD12
up to 3000V
MS D1105C1800-2400110577503000001.75 / 15000.910.5180.035175CD03
MS D1195C2000-30001195140009800001.76 / 30000.780.290.038160CD04
MS D1201C1800-2400120085003610001.55 / 15000.830.440.035175CD03
MS D1320C2000-25001320130008450002.12 / 37700.870.330.035175CD02
MS D1570C2000-26001570130008450001.06 / 15000.680.2470.035175CD04
MS D1598C2000-290015981790016020001.30 / 18000.850.260.03175CD04
MS D2485C800-240024852800039200001.27 / 29000.80.1650.02175CD05
MS D2645C2400-300026453050046510001.30 / 29000.870.1270.02175CD05
MS D2865C200 - 260028653100048050001.41 / 40000.760.160.0175180CD05
MS D3454C2200-260034543530062300001.20 / 29000.80.110.015175CD05
MS D3875C1600-220038754220089040001.20 / 30000.790.0860.0143175CD10
MS D3950C1800-260039502860040900001.10 / 15000.9120.08850.0128175CD06
MS D3970C1000-240039703650066610001.10 / 30000.660.110.013175CD11
MS D4250C2000 - 2400425053000140450001.19 / 40000.880.0790.009150CD10
MS D4502C2000-2500450245000101250000.90 / 20000.70.10.011175CD10
MS D5170C1800-2400517091500418610000.95 / 40000.6610.06590.0115175CD13
MS D5850C1800-24005850103700537680000.95 / 40000.6610.06590.0095175CD12
MS D6680C1800-2600668070000245000001.01 / 30000.720.0650.0075175CD12
up to 6500V
MS D820C4400-520082070002450001.94 / 150010.620.035150CD04
MS D1070C3000-44001070110006050002.35 / 24000.980.570.028160CD04
MS D1305C6000-650013051525011630001.61 / 15000.7930.5210.02150CD05
MS D1451C4600-540014511460010660002.04 / 30001.070.3230.02150CD05
MS D2070C3200-440020702600033800001.70 / 30000.880.2450.017160CD05
MS D2315C4600-540023152180023760002.0 / 50000.960.2070.013150CD11
MS D2500C5600-6500250061000186050001.55 / 30000.790.2380.0115150CD13
MS D2940C2600-420029402550032510001.40 / 50000.740.1320.013150CD11
MS D3095C3200-480030952800039200001.90 / 40000.9960.2220.009160CD09
MS D3360C2400-340033603650066610001.30 / 30000.820.1280.0143175CD10
MS D3860C4000-4500386065500214510001.35 / 40000.750.1330.0115175CD13
MS D4161C4300-5000416146000105800001.65 / 40001.020.120.008160CD12
MS D4780C2200-3200478062500195310001.00 / 20000.7860.09970.0095175CD12
MS D5390C5000-5600539058000168200001.70 / 60001.0270.110.0055160CD12

TypeVDRM, VRRM [V] VDSM=VDRM VRSM=VRRM+100VIDRM, IRRM [mA] TjmaxITAVM [A] @ Tc=85°C 180° SineITSM [A] @ 10ms Tjmaxʃ i²t [A²S] @ 10ms TjmaxVT / IT [V / A] TjmaxVT(TO) [V] @ Tjmaxr T [mΩ] @ TjmaxIgt [mA]RthJC [°C / W] @ 180° SineTjmax [°C]Outline Drg.Download PDF
MS T30S200-1600103050012501.69 / 1000.956.401000.93125ST01
MS T31S200-1600103050012501.69 / 1000.956.401000.93125ST02
MS T45S200-1600104590040501.71 / 1401.005.001500.56125ST03
MS T46S200-1600104590040501.71 / 1401.005.001500.56125ST04
MS T55S200-16001055100050001.95 / 2000.954.701500.45125ST03
MS T56S200-16001055100050001.95 / 2000.954.701500.45125ST04
MS T85S200-16003085125078121.98 / 2701.202.601500.27125ST05
MS T100S200-1600251001800162002.00 / 3921.201.901500.24125ST05
MS T122S200-1600251212200242001.80 / 4700.901.801500.23125ST05
MS T174S200-1600501754000800001.75 / 5501.031.302000.14125ST06
MS T175S200-16005017546001058001.75 / 5501.031.302000.14125ST07
MS T250S200-16005025060001800001.70 / 7850.920.872000.11125ST07
MS T285S200-8005028578503080001.35 / 9000.880.472000.115125ST07
MS T350S200-16008035080003200001.65 / 11000.850.502000.088125ST08
MS T351S200-16008035080003200001.65 / 11000.850.502000.088125ST09
MS T356S200-18008035080003200001.65 / 11000.850.502000.088125ST09
MS T415S200-160080415120007200001.60 / 16000.900.352000.076125ST08



IDRM, IRRM [mA] Tjmax

ITAVM [A] @ Tc=70°C 180° Sine

ITSM [kA] @ 10ms Tjmax

ʃ i²t [A²S×10³] @ 10ms Tjmax

VT / IT [V / A] Tjmax

VT(TO) [V] @ Tjmax

r T [mΩ] @ Tjmax

Igt [mA]

RthJC [°C / W] @ 180° Sine

Tjmax [°C]

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up to 1800V
MS T410C200-1800504106.82311.85 / 10001.050.81500.072125CT 01
MS T630C200-18005063083201.92 / 16000.80.61500.05125CT 02
MS T722C200-18005072283202.15 / 24000.80.52000.045125CT 03
MS T770C200-18005077011.56611.73 / 15000.880.52000.035125CT 03
MS T780C200-18005078094051.96 / 18000.910.581500.035125CT 02
MS T894C200-180050894138452.00 / 30000.850.352500.038125CT 04
MS T1194C200-1800100119417.515312.02 / 37000.850.322500.028130CT 04
MS T1395C200-180015013952224201.55 / 30000.840.1952500.026125CT 06
MS T1525C200-18007015252633801.65 / 36000.950.182500.022125CT 06
MS T1535C200-6008015352020001.40 / 300010.12000.033140CT 05
MS T2095C200-18007020953664801.45 / 30000.820.182500.015125CT 06
MS T2505C1000-1800100250545101251.65 / 50000.90.152500.012125CT 08
MS T2635C1400-180015026353664801.30 / 30000.7350.1632000.011125CT 08
MS T2835C200-80010028353664801.52 / 60000.80.122000.015140CT 06
MS T3015C400-1800250301560180001.23 / 30000.90.112500.01125CT 10
MS T3100C200-600150310044.599011.00 / 30000.690.0872500.012125CT 11
MS T3245C200-800200324533.556111.00 / 15000.7220.0882000.015140CT 07
MS T3250C400-1600150325058.5171111.05 / 20000.8260.1072500.01125CT 11
MS T3502C400-1600150350240.582011.25 / 30000.7760.08892500.01125CT 10
MS T3604C200-600150360444.599011.00 / 30000.690.0872500.01125CT 10
up to 3000V
MS T550C200-2400305509.24231.34 / 6250.990.471500.06125CT 04
MS T710C2000-2400507107.52812.16 / 16500.950.721500.035125CT 02
MS T775C1800-2400307759.64611.35 / 6250.970.481500.035125CT 03
MS T778C1800-240030778116051.35 / 6250.970.481500.035125CT 04
MS T1385C2000-24004513852122051.70 / 30000.8790.2272500.024125CT 06
MS T1436C2400-300010014362326451.90 / 25501.000.3422500.017125CT 06
MS T1470C2000-300010014702326451.78 / 30000.970.273000.019125CT 06
MS T1554C2000-2800150155423.627851.55 / 20001.020.2652500.0173125CT 06
MS T1715C2000-28007017153045002.0 / 30000.970.272500.015125CT 06
MS T1855C2000-280025018553045001.77 / 30001.020.252000.0125125CT 08
MS T1930C2000-240010019302531251.60 / 30000.890.212000.015125CT 09
MS T2230C2000-220010022303768451.30 / 30000.7190.1672000.015125CT 09
MS T2300C2200-250015023003251201.25 / 20000.8680.172000.012125CT 11
MS T2485C2400-300020024853872201.60 / 30000.780.2742500.009125CT 11
MS T2570C2000-280020025703872201.75 / 50000.850.23000.01125CT 08
MS T2605C1200-210070260567.5227811.35 / 30000.950.1232000.012125CT 11
MS T2945C2400-280025029454080001.38 / 18001.050.1542500.0085125CT 10
MS T3472C2000-2200250347250125001.25 / 30000.90.1122500.0085125CT 10
MS T4050C2000-2200200405060180001.10 / 20000.920.093000.0075125CT 10
up to 4500V
MS T951C3000-450010095113.59112.85 / 20001.10.752500.02125CT 06
MS T1352C2800-360010013522020002.55 / 29001.20.452500.015125CT 06
MS T1390C3600-440025013903768451.86 / 15001.2620.3972000.015125CT 09
MS T1651C3600-450020016503976051.85 / 20001.0330.3582500.012125CT 11
MS T1710C3200-440020017102122051.45 / 15000.8810.3742500.013125CT 08
MS T1804C3000-370015018002736451.71 / 20001.1130.2782000.012125CT 11
MS T1940C3000-420020019402942051.87 / 30001.080.2652500.0101125CT 08
MS T2115C4000-450025021153251201.70 / 20001.130.2752000.01125CT 10
MS T2374C3000-360025023743251201.85 / 20001.20.3253000.0075125CT 10
up to 6500V
MS T435C5500-65001004356.62182.45 / 8001.1081.6473500.038125CT 04
MS T475C3600-4800504757.52813.85 / 15001.41.72500.034125CT 04
MS T805C5000-6500200805127203.1 / 20001.1850.9473500.021125CT 06
MS T1102C6000-6500150110211.56612.80 / 20001.060.8372000.015125CT 09
MS T1250C6000-650040012502122052.70 / 20001.1530.07442500.013125CT 11